Clojure Software Engineer
  • Commsor
  • Full-Time
Clojure PostgreSQL React

Commsor helps companies and individuals build better communities. We're creating powerful tools including analytics, automation, a member CRM, and more. You'll be joining a well-funded, fully distributed team with ambitious goals, and have the ability to make a direct and lasting impact on the team and product.

We're looking for a product-minded software engineer. You will be our third engineer, and will be essential in shaping the early features and functionality of our fast-growing community product, our culture and processes. You will have direct access to our primary users as well as a strong influence on the technology used to solve our problems.

Tools & skills you'll be using

We use Clojure for all of our server-side code, using the Edge framework from JUXT, backed by PostgreSQL. Our frontend is a mixture of ES6 JSX and ClojureScript, built using Figwheel Main and we use React for our UIs, and a custom Sass framework based off of Spectre.css. We use AWS for our infrastructure.

For keeping organized, we use ClubhouseNotion, and Slack.


  • Help shape our product and technology roadmap what should we be building in 3 - 6 -12 months and what will we need?
  • Analyze upcoming features as a member of the Product team question why we are building something, and describe how we can deliver it
  • Deliver changes to frontend and backend code and infrastructure in a continuous and agile way, in order to achieve our product goals
  • Ensure the availability and quality of our product by monitoring and responding to alerts and bug reports
  • Work with a high level of autonomy in a remote, asynchronous way
  • Work directly with Mac (CEO), Dominic (CTO), and John (Engineer)


Engineering experience and passion

You've worked as a software engineer and you know what it takes to create great software. You can create effective and simple solutions to problems quickly, and communicate your ideas clearly to your teammates.


You love building products and you care about the details of creating a great user experience. You have an interest in the business use cases and the impact your work will have for users. You can balance your consideration of the product and user requirements with technical complexity and implementation details to make appropriate decisions when things are unclear.

Organizational and project management

You are highly organized and able to self-manage projects in a fast-moving company. You are able to take high level goals and break them down into achievable steps.

Distributed work

You are comfortable working in a distributed, asynchronous environment. We recognize that being a distributed team comes with its own rewards and challenges, and are committed to building a robust remote workplace.

? Effective communication

You're great at communicating, without requiring meetings. If something is unclear you reach out and ask questions. You're comfortable owning, communicating and presenting information on specific projects or initiatives, both in writing and in person.


  • ?Worldwide