Introducing Undesk: A remote working portal for India

Buffer, one of the leading remote-first organisation in the world, organises an annual survey for finding patterns in remote working. In their 2019 survey, 99% of participants said that they'd like to continue working remotely for the rest of their career. You can read the report in full length here.

What is remote work?

Remote-work, also known as telecommuting, working-from-home or flexible-working, is a work arrangement in which employees do not travel and commute to a central place to work. Instead, they can work from anywhere connecting to organisations through the internet.

Though remote working has been out there since the 1970s, the recent advancements in internet penetration and communication tools made it a preferred mode of work.

The advantages of remote work have been stated and discussed a lot over the past years. You can read more about it here.

State of Remote work culture in India

Up until recently, India lagged in cultivating a remote-friendly work culture. The reasons are up for debate but, it's clear as day that it's changing rapidly.

One of the most significant advantages of remote work is that it provides a level playing field. Meaning, employees can apply for a job globally. However, most of the companies that hire remotely are from the USA or Europe, employing close to their local timezones. The timezone difference makes finding stable remote jobs in India hard.

The paradigm is shifting very rapidly in India with more and more Indian companies hiring remotely as well as the rise of truly distributed companies hiring in all timezones.

Introducing Undesk

Undesk is a platform that makes remote work more accessible from India. At the current state, it has a job board listing jobs that are hiring in Indian timezones. It makes it easy to filter through the sea of job posts to find the ones that you can apply for by choosing a preferred job category. It's a work in progress project, and I have big plans for it in future. Here's what you can expect to see on Undesk in coming months:

  1. A newsletter - focusing content on working remotely from India.
  2. City guides - A guide to choose your next destination.
  3. Blog Series - structured blog posts exploring remote work in India.
  4. Advance jobs - Better jobs listing with filters.
  5. Remote for Companies - Exploring how companies can benefit from adopting a remote work modal.

At this point, I'm focused on controlling the quality and quantity of jobs on Undesk. However, finding a remote job is just one aspect of Undesk, and there's a lot more to remote work than just finding a job. Undesk is my way to explore and dwell into the future of remote work in India.

Creating Undesk

Undesk is a side-project, and I'm building it with the tools that I know. Building a website as an indie product gives me full control over the design, features and ethics of this product. But, It makes progress a bit slow. I'm planning on building it as an Open Startup, sharing progress, statistics and plans publically.

This blog and the Undesk newsletter are my ways of sharing this journey, and you are most welcome to watch it unfold.